How To Plan A Pre Wedding Party In Brisbane
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How To Plan A Pre Wedding Party In Brisbane

A pre-wedding celebration is all about relaxing and having a good time while giving your best mate a day he’ll never forget.


1. When

A buck’s party should be held well in advance of the big day to give the groom time to recover. Avoid the week before as his nerves won’t take it. Four to six weeks ahead is ideal. To avoid disappointments, rely on e-mails to round everyone up at least four weeks before the event.


2. The Guest List

For a buck’s party, just include the groom-to-be’s closest mates who go with him to cricket and the Aussie rules. If you think you’re in danger of being a sober bunch, add a couple of your wildest acquaintances to make the party go with a bang. And don’t forget his prospective father-in-law, providing he’s got a sense of humor.


3. Which Venue

Nightclubs and bars are the most popular. From hi-energy clubs to wine bars, Brisbane Fortitude Valley has something for everyone. Hiring one exclusively for your party can be expensive. Are all the groom’s mates contributing? Work out a budget then choose the one you can afford.


4. Alternative Venue

A floating version of a nightclub is a party boat which will take you cruising along the Brisbane River while you enjoy yourselves. Availability through will depend entirely on how many guests will be in attendance, as for safety purposes, the numbers on board have to be restricted.


5. Pre-Wedding Party Themes

To add a little atmospheric fun, think of a theme based on what the groom or all of you as a group enjoy. Favourite holidays or sports events can give you ideas. Just add a few props about the place or enlist a local events organizer to decorate according to your theme.


6. Low key Entertainments

Arrange informal roulette or poker games to keep guests busy. Avoid playing for money though as that’s the quickest way for arguments to start after everyone’s had a few beers. Alternatively, host a barbecue beach party.


7. Big Bucks Party Ideas in Brisbane

If you are lucky enough to be planning for a whole weekend, you’ve got the chance to be adventurous. One activity guaranteed to raise a few laughs is for the guests to compete in team events, providing they don’t take it seriously. Locations offering paintball battles or the less messy laser tag version should be easy to find in and around Brisbane. Otherwise, try go-kart racing or clay bird shooting.


8. Essential Extras

No pre-wedding celebration is complete without music, food, and drink. Having a good DJ will ensure a non-stop playlist of exciting party tracks to keep everyone spinning. Your chosen venue or a local caterer can provide a buffet style feast with plenty of fine ales to wash it all down.

With a little imagination, there’s no end of ideas to be considered when you plan to host a bucks party in Brisbane.

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